Victims of Discretionary Time Off

Discretionary Time Off

Are you a workaholic suffering from DSTO?

Okay, to be honest I looked up the acronym and couldn’t find anything I wanted to write about with regards to the acronym of this oddly named website. In any case I figured what better name to give a revived blog than the title Victims of Discretionary Time Off. At the very least you are using some of that time off, whether it be within your legal rights or not to read up on this ridiculous state of affairs. I have now wasted more of your time than you can probably imagine since I’ve been telling you about this great web log of random thoughts and ideas that I’d like to share.

Hooray DSTO!

We may be victims but we’re making the best of it. When the boss gives you DSTO then you take it hard at first. You want to grip hold of that stapler and drag it with you out of the office kicking and screaming and then you get home, maybe even have a TV dinner waiting for you in the freezer, if you didn’t forget to do the shopping in your workaholic stupor, you catch up on Sex in the City only to realize that’s been off the air for nigh a decade. This is a ridiculous truth that all of us should fall victim to a little DSTO. It is after all at the discretion of our employers to allow us to have this time. Often we need it because of a family tragedy or illness, sometimes we need it for our own personal development and every once in a while we need it so we don’t kill someone in the office.

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