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2014-11-11: US Exposure to Crime and Corruption within the Australian Department of Defence: How the Australian Parliament's failure to deal with crime and corruption in Defence is has left the United States exposed to bribery, fraud, intellectual property theft, unfair competition, endemic public sector crime, federal police corruption, and lax security – to top secret level.

2014-09-24: Petition for the Termination of Defence Minister David Johnston and Chief Scientist Ian Chubb As Commonwealth Chief Scientist, Professor Chubb has tolerated crime, IP theft and plagiarism, yet has been entrusted to oversee the Defence Trade Controls Act. As Defence Minister, David Johnston tolerates crime and corruption by his subordinates, and compounded the abuse of abused soldiers. This petition explains why both men should be sacked.

2014-09-10: Debunking Dreyfus on Free Speech and Freedom
This is a comprehensive treatment of barriers to free speech in Australia, covering whistleblower laws, defamation and the role of the mass media, with numerous examples and references.

2014-09: NTEU (Academics Union) FAQ on Defence Trade Controls Act: How the new laws will affect *you*.

2014-07-22(3): Royal Petition concerning Federal Government Corruption: 30 alleged cases of uninvestigated/whitewashed federal government corruption
To His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd): "Because Your Excellency has not responded to my previous petition, and because I am concerned that public servants within the Office of the Governor-General may be withholding correspondence from him, if I do not receive a personal response from Your Excellency by August 5, 2014, I shall assume those public servants have improperly concealed these petitions and their contents from him."

2014-07-21: Royal Petition concerning Crime and Corruption within the Australian Public Service II
To His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd). (reissued)

2014-08-01: Australia: Home of the World’s Fattest Fat Cats: Australia's public servants are paid more than private sector workers. Wages are higher in Canberra than anywhere else. Senior public servants in Australia are paid 2-4 times as much as their UK and US counterparts, and Tony Abbott is paid more than Obama. Australian politicians receive incredible entitlements, including huge pensions which kick in the day they leave (or are kicked out of) Parliament. (The rest of us have to work until Age 70). Most Australians don't know that when the government brings in a surplus, instead of that money being banked for a rainy day, it is deposited into the "Future Fund" which, despite the nice sounding name, is really the public servant's pension fund.

2014-07-23: The Defence Trade Controls Act is an Attack on the Rights and Freedoms of Australians: Australian scientists and high-tech workers face 10 years imprisonment, a $425K fine and forfeiture of their work to the government. Meanwhile, public servants are given incredible powers to enter universities and businesses and make copies of their trade secrets, which they may then provide to the government's own business partners for their own use. Parliamentary Defence Subcommittee Submission. (Sent to all members of Parliament)

2014-07-21: Debunking Abbott's claim that Canberra is "pretty clean", doesn't need a Federal ICAC
Abbott claims Canberra is “pretty clean”. Does he not read the papers?

The Goverment's Human Rights Commission is failing to the Defend the Rights and Freedoms of Australians
2014-04-14 Letter to Human Rights Commissioner; acknowledged, no response.
2014-07-23 Parliamentary Defence Subcommittee Submission discussing failure of the Human Rights Commission.

The Defence Trade Controls Act: How the DTCA threatens Aussie High-tech companies. Information Page.

2014-02-06: Royal Petition concerning Crime and Corruption within the Australian Public Service I
To Her Excellency the Honourable Quentin Bryce AC CVO. (rejected; no reason given)

2013-12-02: Revealed: the government agency stealing ideas from businesses, Chris Seage, Crikey.com.au, December 2, 2013 12:44PM.
'A number of businesses are complaining a Defence Department organisation has stolen their intellectual property, Crikey can reveal.
Chris Seage reports new legislation [The Defence Trade Controls Act] makes the problem worse.'


Corruption in the Australian Federal Government

Australia is in the midst of a serious corruption epidemic in the Federal Government: Police are not investigating crimes. Departments are ignoring corruption and sacking whistleblowers. The Public Service Commissioner and Ombudsman claim they are powerless.

Public Service Commissioner

The Public Service Commissioner Stephen Sedgwick failed to stop systemic corruption in the public service.

Legal scholars disagree with Mr. Segdwick's letter claiming he has no authority to act.

Government Research Organisations are stealing Intellectual Property from Innovators and Entrepreneurs

The Government’s research organisations (DSTO and CSIRO) have been stealing technology from high-tech innovators to plagiarise and pass on to government business partners to commercialise.

Click here to learn more: Open Letter to Tech Community - Federal Government Corruption Makes Australia too Dangerous for High-Tech Start-ups (Android, iPad and Web Browser friendly) http://tinyurl.com/c7wez7l

Or download as a Printable PDF file http://tinyurl.com/cma9c4a

Warning: Do not participate in the DSTO CTD Capability and Technology Demonstrator or any other DSTO program

The DSTO solicits innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs to submit technology to the DSTO for evaluation. Do not participate in this or reveal your technology to the DSTO. The DSTO has stolen technology worth millions of dollars from companies, large and small. You have no practical legal recourse if your technology is stolen. In Australia theft of trade secrets is not a crime. The Australian Federal Police (AFP) will not investigate even if fraud is involved. Behind the smokescreen of the powerless Probity Board, Australian Federal Government lawyers assert the DSTO has no duty of care to protect your confidential information nor to act honestly. Non-disclosure agreements with the Australian Government are unenforceable.

Defence Trade Controls Act

Companies fought back by refusing to show their technology. Then late last year Labor passed an unpopular law despite strong protests from the academic community. This bill forces academics, researchers and high-tech businesses to reveal even non-military technology to public officials with a long history of stealing intellectual property. This bill wasn't needed for National Security reasons, because exports to hostile regimes were already banned. The Opposition criticised the bill, but then supported Labor to pass it. The Bill is now law. Many Australians who don't even know about the new laws are already breaking them, punishable by 6 months to 10 years imprisonment.

Youtube: Scott Ludlam's Final Speech on Defence Trade Controls Bill, 2012-10-31 (worth watching).
ABC Lateline: "Laws will stifle research claim scientists", 2012-10-31.

What can I do?

Learn More!

The University of Sydney Research Vice Chancellor says this could only happen because "let's face it, anything called the Defence Trade Controls Bill will not make the six o'clock news". Many Australians woke up one morning with a 380 page nightmare they must now follow under penalty of imprisonment, and most of them don't know they are already breaking the law. Click here to learn more. (open letter)


Support politicians who fight corruption. Throw out those that don't!

10 Point List: Reforms we needs

Ask your local members and senators if they will:

1. Stop persecuting public servants under Sections 70-79 of the Crimes Act.

2. We need Whistleblower Laws. Support Andrew Wilkie's Independent Whistleblowers Bill, and not Labor's watered-down version which protects corrupt politicians.

3. Give Whistleblower Allan Kessing the pardon denied to him by Labor.

4. Give Australian Journalists Public Figure Doctrine protection like the USA so they can report corruption in a timely manner. (ch. 17, esp. pp. 472)

5. Give Australian Journalists Shield Law protection so they are not jailed for protecting anonymous sources.

6. Uphold the Rule of Law and prosecute public officials who are breaking Criminal, Civil and Administrative Law (identified in a confidential letter to Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus QC).

7. Hold government lawyers responsible for breaching the Model Litigant Policy at the expense of the taxpayer.

8. Replace the AFP with an independent federal corruption body that can uphold the law free of political interference.

9. Reform the justice system so all Australian's have access to an affordable truth-based justice system, replacing the Adversarial system that rewards lawyers for lying and running up costs.

10. Revoke the Defence Trade Controls Act otherwise academics and high-tech businesses will move their work offshore.

Opinion: The Labor Party is pervasively corrupt

Labor have allowed serious crime and corruption in the public service, which their public service commissioner was warned about but failed to stop.

Labor have abused the civil courts and employed the AFP in a manner that terrorises whistleblowers.

Labor have attacked our privacy, tried to censor the Internet, failed to protect journalists, failed to protect whistleblowers, and failed to protect our right to free speech.

Labor have allowed alleged corruption, fraud, abuse of whistleblowers and bullying within the CSIRO.

Labor have denied justice to victims of Defence Force abuse.

They have allowed Department of Defence public servants to abuse of their trusted positions to steal intellectual property from high-tech companies including small businesses. They have failed to act against systemic corruption within the Ombudsman and Department of Defence's internal complaints unit.

ICAC recently found Eddie Obeid and Ian MacDonald to be corrupt. Investigative journalist Kate McClymont said she was told by Edie Obeid: "I tell you what, you put one word out of place and I will take you on again. You are a lowlife. I will go for you, for the jugular." Kevin Rudd recently said, " ... anyone who is responsible for corruption or illegal behaviour should face the full force of the law." But really, it's too little, too late. If Mr. Rudd was absolutely committed to exposing corruption surely he should have acted on this?

I used to be a Labor supporter but over the last four years I have seen crime and corruption which has completely destroyed my faith in the Labor Party.

Opinion: The Liberal Party is also pervasively corrupt

The Liberal Party is no better.

Don't be Silenced!

Learn about how Australia's harsh Defamation Laws restrict Freedom of Speech in Australia. Americans have a constitutional Right to Free Speech that lets journalists report corruption promptly. But Australia’s defamation laws make it difficult for them to report corruption. They must sit on stories, often for years. Often they are never reported at all. Without transparency, corruption in Australia flourishes unchecked.

We recommend you stay away from the Commonwealth Ombudsman and particularly departmental complaint units and the AFP due to their history of ignoring corruption and persecuting whistleblowers who report it.

We can put you in touch with good journalists who know the best way to cover news without breaking the law. Send us a brief outline (with no names, no documents and no confidential information) and we'll make a connection for you. Alternately phone a newspaper directly and ask to speak to an Investigative reporter. Don't e-mail them and hope for a response; e-mails get lost in the pile.

Tell your politicians what you think. (Inspired by the British Site: TheyWorkforYou!)

Australians do not have the same Right to Free Speech that Americans do. Click here to learn how to Speak Out in Australia without risking defamation or jail.

Sign this petition in support of Australian journalists Adele Ferguson and Steve Pennells threatened with jail – change.org #pressfreedom

Move your business to America

America welcomes high-tech innovators. They are protected by US Economic Espionage Act of 1996. The American FBI is not interested or involved in politics. Individuals stealing trade secrets are fined up to US$5M and corporations up to US$10M or three times the value of the IP stolen. America has better access to talent, connections and venture capital too.

Australia is too dangerous for a High-tech company to do business. There is an election soon. Labor is beyond hope, but if the Liberals won't commit to fixing this then we're screwed. Go to America Instead. Click here to learn about: Innovation in America, Doing Business with the US Department of Defense and US DoD Small Business Programs.

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